French Provincial Desk ~ Pretty in FUSION

I was so excited to find this desk ~ I loved the lines of the legs and I immediately had a vision of what I would do with it



I started out by deciding how I exactly I was going to see my vision through ~ I knew I wanted it to be pretty and elegant. I wanted to use this piece to showcase FUSION Mineral Paint  in my studio and I just love the metallic paints in this line so I had to use them.  Here’s a look at what it looked like when I brought it home.


It actually was in pretty decent shape but needed a good cleaning and TLC ~ Now to get to work

207 203

I gave it a really good sanding as I wasn’t sure of what kind of paint had been used on it previously but it was pretty glossy and thick ~ always best to start out with a clean, smooth and non-glossy surface so I used the Fusion Ultra Grip before painting.  Once I started cleaning it up and sanding I realized it was a little shaky so I got my hubby to help me glue and clamp where it had come loose over the years


I let it dry over night so the glue was set and it was like brand new again ~ oh I should mention, never ever walk into a clamp :/ ouch!

After I got over the pain of walking into the clamp, I got to the task at hand ~ Keep Calm and Paint!  I painted on the first coat of Homestead Blue ~ Wow! This paint is amazing, goes on like butter and the coverage is crazy unbelievable! Needless to say I was pretty excited from the first stroke

209      210

I used Champlain on the drawer fronts and sides and then proceeded on to add a little bit of bling, I used the Silver Metallic paint on the fringe of the top and front ~ Seriously love this stuff!

238 236

I decided I wanted to finish off the back of the desk so I called in my hubby again ~ he’s awesome!

212      219

He cut of sheet of 1/8″ paneling and framed it out in some pretty moulding to finish it off nicely


I then did the Silver Metallic on the front feet of the desk to give it a dipped look ~ So pretty!



Almost done! I decided I wanted to do the inside drawer sides up nice and pretty so I applied a hummingbird stencil to the 3 drawers in Homestead Blue to match  ~ LOVE!


I did the existing drawer pulls in the Silver Metallic as well and put them all back on the drawers ~ Again, so pretty!


I am so excited how this turned out!


250  244

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